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As a General Contractor, TFJ Construction, Inc. focus is to provide knowledge, experience, and integrity to ensure client satisfaction. As a full-service construction firm, TFJ has a team that brings over 20 years of experience in construction. TFJ Construction is a licensed General Contractor in the state of South Carolina and Georgia. Having an extensive background in construction management services, and successfully managed multi-phased construction, renovation, demolition, and Design-Build projects in the Aiken, North Augusta, Augusta, and Grovetown area.

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Commercial Up-fits and Build Outs

For your commercial up-fit and build out needs, we can tailor your space to suit your purposes on time and within budget. Whether you are the building owner or the tenant or developer, we are ready to assist you, and are capable to steer even the most demanding project from conception to completion.

Project Management

For your construction management services we work closely with owners, architects, engineers, and other construction consultants to provide seamless integration between all stages of the construction process. From conception to completion, TFJ Construction and our engineering consultants provide proactive problem-solving solutions for any construction program.

Vertical Construction

For your larger and more demanding general contractor needs we have the design expertise to match whatever project comes our way. Whether you are starting from an original concept, or expanding your existing building, we can work with you from conception to completion. We have managed a variety of commercial and business projects, including industrial shop expansion, education facilities, and business offices. From handling complex foundation and framing to meeting complex energy requirements for your workspace, we have the comprehensive trade skills to manage every phase of your project, as well as the project management proficiency to keep the job moving and on budget.

Government Contract Services

​We work with multiple local, state, and federal government agencies to provide construction services. Be a minority firm we can help you meet your diversification and inclusion requirement and have a quality partner to rely on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a general contractor do?
The general contractor is the manager/boss of a construction project. Much like any manager/boss, the contractor is responsible for the final outcome. To insure a positive outcome the general contractor works with the architect to build a project as set forth in the plans and so that it meets the local building codes. The contractor selects the sub-contractors to provide each of the special services needed for the project, such as electricians, plumbers, painters, cabinetry, floor coverings, then coordinates the scheduling of these subcontractors and ensures that they are building to the standards set forth in the plans.
How close do you stay to time lines and budgets?
The budget and a reasonable time frame are stated in the contract, which is signed by all parties with copies provided before the start any project. If by chance the project does run late it is usually caused by two reasons; one, weather and two, materials deliveries. If it’s not due to nature or outside forces, we do what we say, when we say.
What should I be asking my contractor?
A few key questions to ask could be: “How long have you been in business?”, “Have you ever done a project like this one, if so tell me about it?”, “Do you have insurance?”, “Who does the work; you, your employees, or is the project completely done by sub-contractors?” With years of experience under our belts, TFJ Construction Inc is happy to provide all of these answers, and provide references if need be.
What is a change order?
A change order is a written statement signed by the customer authorizing the contractor to do additional work not included in the original contract. The change order should be signed before the additional work is started, but often it is not in order to keep the project moving. The amount specified is due when the project is completed. A change order also may be written when a contractor comes across any unforeseen damage or problem.

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